Issues of Focus

Issues of Focus

Please see below the areas we focus on.

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Police Violence and Peoples with Disabilities

We support people with disabilities who are victims of police violence. We organize for policies and practices that reduce contact between people with disabilities and policing

Special Education

We focus on the special education needs of students most marginalized in the educational system, particularly students of color, English-learner students, students in foster care, and students who have been criminalized. We support student-centered initiatives to advance disability-justice education in the school system.  We also organize to end the school-to-prison pipeline for students with disabilities.

Decarceral Mental Health

We are organizing to stop the Musick “Mental Health Jail” Expansion in Orange County.  We further support the legal needs of those with psychiatric disabilities and work to policies that protect the autonomy of those with mental health needs.  We support campaigns to free people from all forms of incarceration, including jails, prisons, nursing homes, congregate facilities, and psychiatric institutions.

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